Warner YouTube copyright claim on Muse concert clips

Something that occurred a couple of years back now when I posted some dodgy low quality concert videos I took at Muse’s homecoming gigs at Teignmouth.

Warner at the time waded in straight away and claimed copyright on them, and YouTube took them down. Annoyed I was but given the warnings on YouTube’s help page about counter claims and possible legal actions if you proceed, I decided not to take it further.

Problem is I still have a black mark on my YouTube account now, and I’m still unsure their claim is valid.

Muse – Teignmouth 5th Sept 2009 (Resistance & Interlude) – (tjmoore1973)
Video ID: k3YQv70IaLI
Removed due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group on 10 Sep 2009
Muse @ Teignmouth – 4th Sept 2009 (USoE & Cave) – (tjmoore1973)
Video ID: qNAiC5xp-Zg
Removed due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group on 10 Sep 2009
Muse @ Teignmouth – 4th Sept 2009 – Resistance – (tjmoore1973)
Video ID: ARa93yFqxag
Removed due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group on 10 Sep 2009


Keep thinking I should still challenge this on the basis that:

– Their claim is likely via the DMCA which is US law. I live in the UK, footage was shot in the UK
– Quality is low
– It’s non profit
– Serves no threat to the artist or Warner
– Promotes the concert and band

Could also argue that the band are happy with (and I think even promote to some degree) bootlegs of concerts. There are some exceedingly high quality bootlegs about, even of this concert. My humble low quality videos are hardly an issue at all.

Problem with the UK is we have no fair use in copyright law unlike the US, so despite the DMCA I’d probably have more success there.

But don’t know really. I’d just like them to remove the black mark mainly.

Copyright Theft

Sorry I had to do this. Replaced some Dunsfold photos I’ve posted on some forums (specifically this thread on Key Publish Ltd Aviation Forums) with this…
Copyright Theft

What more is there to say really? It would annoy me so much if they hadn’t actually asked how much I wanted for them to use them, and then despite my reply, went ahead anyway! And then I find some of them on their web site, and later in the leaflets for the airshow in my local Chinese takeaway!

It’s not about the money, it’s purely about the fact it was theft.

Of course there’s more to Dunsfold / Rutland than meets the eye. They are of course behind the plan to boot out Top Gear, the Wings & Wheels airshow, demolish the historic airfield and build 2000+ homes on the site. Makes me wonder why they run the airshow really. Note that this was never an issue for me when they asked for the photos. I was only too happy to accommodate them.