Photographers Rights

Another incident on photographers rights.

Was in Whistler recently and happened to come across Gordon Ramsey filming a piece to camera on the street about a local restaurant. Not many people about and tucked away out of shot I decided to get the camera out for a snap.

The instant I did, one of the crew comes rushing over shouting about no photos.

Thing is, this was a public place. Now I know in Britain I’d be well within my rights and they have no leg to stand on, no matter how much they protest. I’m not so sure of the rights in Canada and public places. However the TV and movie industry is very protective and can get heavy handed. Rather than risk a scuffle with the crew and potentially having my camera nicked or smashed, I reluctantly put the camera away.

Nearly got a shot off but the lens was set on manual and I didn’t focus it in time. Thing is though, I would just be doing a snap for pure “ooo look, Gordon Ramsey!” purposes and maybe shove that on Flickr or whatever. Not for profit. Not that it should make a difference. Public place, my photo, I can do what I like with it. Surely?

Anyway, the crew guy spouted something about it being hush-hush and some new show. Well, he didn’t demand my silence so I’m free to blog about it of course :-). More than that, I didn’t get asked for a release when I walked off down the street, quite possibly in shot in the background!