Recommended Books

A couple of Photography related books I can recommend:-

The New Manual of Photography

The first is the The New Manual of Photography by John Hedgecoe. An excellent resource for new and experienced photographers. Covers everything you need to know about the basics of photography right from the technical aspects of apertures, shutter speeds, lenses, focusing, depth of field, through techniques and to advanced studio work and darkroom (including digital). Geared around SLRs but applies to any camera, both film and digital.

Photoshop CS2 for Photographers

The second is Photoshop CS2 for Photographers by Martin Evening. Although the latest edition is based on CS2, the book equally applies to CS and even versions 7 and 6, though some features only exist in newer editions. A well written book that serves as part tutorial and part references. Neatly laid out with clear illustrations. Includes a thorough explanation of colour profiling and matching which is an essential and often ignored part of the workflow process for photographers.