Exhibit Engine 2

Exhibit Engine Finally got around to updating my gallery to Exhibit Engine 2. The upgrade process from 1.5 RC4 is quite technical but the instructions are very detailed and following them to the letter they work fine. As always support from the author is excellent anyway.

EE2 is now the official release (see here) and 1.5 is discontinued, with EE2 recommended for security patches also. Upgrades are supported from a wide range of earlier versions to 2, but you will have to then upgrade from 2 to 2.02 for a few additional fixes. Still, update frequency is far lower and the process is less painful than updating Coppermine, and talking of which I’m now removing Coppermine from my site entirely. It’s too much of a risk as it’s popular enough to have a lot of hack attempts and I don’t check for updates enough. Next job is to move my archive I had in Coppermine into EE.

EE2 looks very nice. Very professional. Only thing is I’m also using Flickr quite a lot now and I do find the whole social networking / commenting feature of Flickr very useful and wonder how much I’ll use that vs EE2. Still, Flickr has a major issue yet for a complete photo archive when you have a lot of photos and want to store large size photos, as broadband is still typically quite limited for upload speeds. For the moment anyway, EE2 and Flickr can work side by side I think for me. Flickr for showing off the best stuff, and EE2 for a complete archive.