Messing about in the kitchen. My attempts at Pilau Rice and Sushi.

Pilau Rice, based on Delia’s excellent recipe. Not quite the same (or as perfect as Delia’s!), but then I’m quite impressed by the flavour. Great way of doing rice and so much better than the microwave supermarket stuff (microwave curry can sometimes work out okay if it’s a good one, but not the rice). Not soggy, kind of steamed and part fried. Great with the onion and spices mixed in. Delia’s is more fluffy, but I’ll work on that :-).
Pilau Rice

Surprisingly not as hard to make once you have the bits to make it, although the art is in the rolling. This is a basic attempt and managed to get the stuff to stay in the roll. Important to use the right rice though and stuff like the Mirin, Rice Wine Vinegar, and of course Nori for rolling (and a rolling mat). Most of this now easily available in the supermarket. As for the fish, nothing too adventurous here, just smoked salmon and prawns.